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Tourists and photography

I travel with my iphone. It’s very powerful to capture every kind of object as long as I keep a certain distance. It does good job for me when I even want to record a video. So you can imagine that I don’t carry heavy cameras with me when I’m on tour. What I exactly want to emphasize in this short article is about taking photos as a tourist.

There was a time I met a tourist at a certain airport and I requested him to take me a photo at the airport. He said no the people here do not like that. And I asked him who told you? I insisted on him to take me the photo. He got a blur shot because he was shivering. He was afraid. Meanwhile, it was not written anywhere that “no snapshot”.  I took my photos without any problem. How does a tourist build his courage of taking photos?

Tourism is fun and the fun continues after we start flipping through the photos that we took. That’s the only tangible means to immortalize your experience. So it is important to note that what comes into your snapshot matters a lot. These are some practical theories about taking photos as a tourist.

Avoid shyness

You are a tourist and you came to experience something. Snap it! Go beyond limit. zoom beyond what everyone can see. Feel at ease to take your photos whether in the city center, railway station, airport, inside plane, and wherever, try to kill your shyness. People don’t think about you that much. Let them know that you’re a passionate tourist.

Snap yourself

Don’t go home with 2 gigabits of photos without yourself. Never feel shy to make a polite request from someone to take you a photo. People are good and it’s nice for you also to experience people in this kind of gesture. If you went in group, bingo!

Take more than two snapshots

You must get the best quality out of an image. That means take more than two shots and take the best one when you’re home. If you give your camera to someone to take you, always ask them to take you about three or more. Change styles and take more. For all you know some people might cut your head off in the camera. How will you feel to see after that your best background didn’t have your head in the photo?

Take necessary photos

Some people want to take everything on tour and by the time they’re to experience a real  adventure, their drive is already full. Somethings may be funny or interesting but doesn’t mean you must take a photo of it. Part of tourism has to do with telling abstract experiences. You don’t really need photos all the time.

Be careful of your battery

Many cameras just run out of battery without any indication. You’ll see the battery level as 60% and all of a sudden the red indicator will start warning you at 20%. It’s very painful to run out of battery on a half way tour. Always carry extra battery with you. If you use smart phones, always be careful to control the battery.

Use the internet

A tourist friend is the internet cafe. You don’t have to dare data roaming. In fact you don’t need it. Fortunately many guest houses have wifi. When you’re connected to the internet, you can upload the photos of the day online. You can try dropbox, Google drive, etc. If you went with your laptop, bingo! Try to keep your photos safe as much as possible.

Respect privacy

You can’t go taking photos everywhere and everyone that you see. One time in Switzerland I was on post working with a company’s uniform and I met one tourist girl who wanted to take selfie with me. I told her that please I can’t take a photo with you whiles I’m in this uniform. Well maybe I overstretched things.

Taking a photo of police officers on duty without their permission can cause you two hours detention to answer questions. Or entering a private premises to take photos can get you into trouble. This means that extreme vigilance is necessary when taking photos as a tourist. I have had the occasion to take photos with army officers and police officers on post. All that it takes is to ask politely. Only try to avoid taking photos of persons when they’re not aware.

There are many others that you can reflect on your own the next time you are on tour. You need a great caution but at the same time, you need to take photos. Just be wise!


Copenhagen, Denmark

I arrived in Copenhagen on the 1st January 2014. I celebrated the New Year here Copenhagen airport is one that can boast of luxuries. In fact a very beautiful one. I slept at the backpackers hostel right beside the train station in the city center. In fact I got it a cool prize for two nights with breakfast. I walked through Copenhagen taking notice of gigantic church buildings that show the effects and traditions of Christianity in the city.

calsbergI was at Calsberg, the parliament house, and many other interesting areas. But I never had the time to visit the little mermaid. As my new found friend Yumi Hong from South Korea said, it’s too little to be interested. But I disagreed though. It doesn’t have to be big but it has achieved it’s name already.

People in Copenhagen are very friendly and many speak English so communication isn’t hard for tourists. They were quite excited to take your camera to give you a snapshot.

The train system was effective and comes and goes within every five minutes. I did enjoyed my stay and ended it with a Chinese restaurant which I forgot to take notice of the name. But it’s just at the opposite direction of the train station towards the left on the high lane on the other side.

Easyjet gave me a smooth flight both in and out. In fact my flight to Copenhagen and back was one of the best. May be the best after Turkish Airlines. This is not an aircraft review. I think I’m talking about the pilots who flew me in and out.