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Why people travel for pleasure

Why do people travel for pleasure?

Well the answer to the above question is not very simple. Not simple in that, every tourist is made up of stories that define the pleasurable moments. To some it’s about food. And many others, it’s about sight seeing. Others tour to discover whatever. Whatever the motive and experience, there is always some kind of great pleasurable story to tell. But I will take this opportunity to enumerate on what tourist’s pleasure is all about.

What is termed as pleasure is a mingle of different encounters. It’s not to be limited to fantastic experiences. I don’t know others in this case but for me, the fatal jerking of the flight and the safe landing make the story a great one and pleasurable. This is why I emphasize that every tourist has a story to share, whether good or bad.

DSC_0381In most cases, traveling for pleasure will turn up to a different perspective. So the idea of traveling for pleasure is subjectively relative to many unexpected circumstances. The kind of people you meet on your way can fulfill your pleasure for that kind of travel. Or to say, a kind of restaurant that gave you an opportunity to taste something different will make up all the pleasure that you needed. So having pleasure in traveling is not per se in the movement from place to place, rather the things that give you the story in the travel.

Many tourists, including myself are much focused on what to see than for example,  what to feel, hear, go through, etc. So our preparation is all about a good camera and an internet cafe to connect through the social media. Such are only concern about the joy to have been there and there. But the legacy that must endow every tourist must be the experience with the location. There must be a correspondence between you and the environment. The place shouldn’t be a passive integration of your past dreams. In fact, your visit must reward you with something that connects in daily life activity. I would like to give an example at this point. When I visited Copenhagen, from the airport, I saw the 

inscription “Welcome to Denmark” with a footnote “That calls for a Calsberg”. In fact I new Calsberg as a beer but that sounded strange to me at my welcome. So I googled and found that Calsberg beer was born in Denmark. WOW! In fact I didn’t know because I don’t drink beer and hardly I met that in my readings. So I tried to visit the Calsberg Brewing Company. Today, anytime and anywhere I see Calsberg beer, Denmark comes to my mind. So my visit wasn’t a one-time experience, but it has both present and timeless experience with me. This is the pleasure that sets the tourist from the passer by.

So yes, we don’t travel for pleasure. We travel to seek pleasure. Tourism is not a one-time passing by pleasure, rather, a long lasting pleasure that regenerate tangible memories both past and present.

When I was traveling from Geneva to Atlanta, the aircraft flew us through Montreal and certain parts of Canada. Upon reaching a particular point, the pilot swerved the plane to give us a view of the terrain. Though this twist was not a part of my original travel, it spiced up a good memory and even the turning of the aircraft.