My name is Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi. You can call me Cliff for short. I come from Ghana and I’m proud of my country. God has gifted me with many talents but I try to do the things I’m interested in most. I love people and always feel peaceful when people are around.

It was upon my first visit  to Copenhagen, Denmark  when it dawn on me to take a world tour. My going to Copenhagen had been triggered by a night of sleeplessness. It was in this insomnia situation that I decided to find a place of rest which has turned up to be a great idea and project.

Many people tell me that I love to travel. In fact, yes, I love to see places. And I also want to meet people. Starting from Ghana and with my late father’s job which carried him from places to places, I had the opportunity to know many places in Ghana as a little boy. I have already visited nine regions out of the ten regions in Ghana. This kind of experience gave me much information about the social life of my country.

Identifying myself with the youth society in my the Seventh-day Adventist church also gave me many opportunity to visit places far and near. But topping it all up was when I became a district pastor for the Adventist church. Going to camp meetings and honoring invitations for various church and recreational programs also opened the door for me to see more places.

The fist intentional trip that I took was to Lome, Togo in 2003. I went there as a colporteur whilst I was studying at Valley View University in Ghana. I stayed there for one week but I didn’t want to stay beyond since it was an election week. So I continued to Cotonou, Benin where I stayed for two other months to do my colporteur.

Upon my return, I never did any other international travel until 2010 when I was offered an admission to study at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. This opportunity also gave me my first international flight in KLM. So I landed at gigantic Schipol airport in Amsterdam before I continued to Switzerland; and here is where I’m based doing my travels.

Please join me now as we take a flight to some of the countries I have visited so far.


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