Copenhagen, Denmark

I arrived in Copenhagen on the 1st January 2014. I celebrated the New Year here Copenhagen airport is one that can boast of luxuries. In fact a very beautiful one. I slept at the backpackers hostel right beside the train station in the city center. In fact I got it a cool prize for two nights with breakfast. I walked through Copenhagen taking notice of gigantic church buildings that show the effects and traditions of Christianity in the city.

calsbergI was at Calsberg, the parliament house, and many other interesting areas. But I never had the time to visit the little mermaid. As my new found friend Yumi Hong from South Korea said, it’s too little to be interested. But I disagreed though. It doesn’t have to be big but it has achieved it’s name already.

People in Copenhagen are very friendly and many speak English so communication isn’t hard for tourists. They were quite excited to take your camera to give you a snapshot.

The train system was effective and comes and goes within every five minutes. I did enjoyed my stay and ended it with a Chinese restaurant which I forgot to take notice of the name. But it’s just at the opposite direction of the train station towards the left on the high lane on the other side.

Easyjet gave me a smooth flight both in and out. In fact my flight to Copenhagen and back was one of the best. May be the best after Turkish Airlines. This is not an aircraft review. I think I’m talking about the pilots who flew me in and out.



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