Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

I arrived in Bucharest on the 19th January 2014. I was welcomed at the airport by my friend and brother Spiridon Razvan Madalin of whom I stayed with including all of his family. I had the greatest experience of my life in Romania.  I preached at a Seventh-day Adventist youth church called AMICUS Church on the 21st January 2014. I met many people

2014-01-25 15.45.09

and made some new friends such as Maria, Roxi Lita, Draghici Arrys and  many others. Since my birthday fell on the 23rd January, the Spiridon family organized a special birthday celebration for me on the afternoon of 25th January having preached at Bellu Church in the morning. 

I left Romania with a good heart. I visited the People’s House or the parliament

2014-01-20 18.47.29palace which is the second largest building on surface level after the Pentagon of the USA. It is also the biggest parliament in the whole world. It was built by the great communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu. Click here for more information.

I was also at the Adventist Publishing house which is the largest Adventist publishing  house in Europe, the Adventist 

Adventist Theological Institute

Theological College of Romania, AFI Cotroceni Palace shopping mall and many other places.

I left Romania on Wizzair to Geneva on the 26th January.  After spending some few hours in the house, I continued my journey to Detmold in Germany where I spent another week with my friend and brother Asante Ntim.


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